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A rope was handed to each of the whites, who grasped it thankfully.The natives, however, had little need for this aid, accustomed as theywere to jungle life. Even with the heavy packs, they went easilyacross to the other side.

the Welcome To The Jungle full movie english version download

They hiked steadily for several days without[Pg 181] anything of notehappening. The jungle became denser as they penetrated deeper towardthe little-known regions. And with this luxuriance of plant life camean abundance of wild animals and birds. The naturalists and Bobdemonstrated their skill with a rifle often by bringing down not a fewunusual specimens, while Joe usually stuck to his movie camera.

Bob and Joe watched interestedly. They had but one fear. What if thepurring of the movie cameras could be heard by the huge brutes? Wouldthey charge the little hidden group, or would they immediately takeflight into the dark recesses of the jungle?


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