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these principles are based on the experience of leaders, managers, and social entrepreneurs from all over the world. the purpose of the book is to show how to apply those principles to your business and nonprofit organizations. every chapter in this book is designed to inspire you to apply these principles in your own business.

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you wont have to wait to become a leader in order to make a difference. you can take the actions necessary to make a difference now. learning to make change happen is not a competitive advantage. in fact, it is not an advantage at all. it is a way of life. you need to learn to become a change maker in your life and in your work.

the contributors to this book include professor w. edwards deming of the massachusetts institute of technology and professor jay w. forrester of mit sloan. they both emphasized the importance of the skill of detecting the four gs: getting to the truth, generalizing from what is known, going deep and linking value to intelligence. they stressed the importance of having courage to go deeper, to have passion, and to take on what once thought to be impossible.

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