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Star Jalsha Ganer Opare Episodes

Ke Apon Ke Por (Remade Malayalam as Paadatha Painkili) crossed more than 1000 episodes on the channel, getting good trp ratings and popular among bangla television viewers. Pallavi Sharma , Biswajit Ghosh , Monalisa Paul, Ananya Biswas, Arindya Banerjee, Reshmi Sen, Kalyani Mondal, Indranil Chattejee , Simran Upadhyay are in the star cast.

Star Jalsha Ganer Opare Episodes

On Hulu, Hotstar specials and Bollywood titles will rotate on and off the platform at regular intervals, with the number of total episodes and titles in the thousands. The roster of Hotstar specials headed for Hulu include The Empire, Aarya, Criminal Justice, Special Ops, and Indian adaptations The Office and Dil Bechara. The latter is a remake of 2014 teen melodrama The Fault in our Stars.


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