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If you purchased Adobe Student & Teacher edition product, you may have received a serial number or a redemption code. See Serial numbers, redemption codes, and product codes Student & Teacher editions.


Acrobat Professional and Standard are delivered as a single installer. Product behavior and features become enabled based on the entitlements granted by the licensing methodology (a user ID or serial number).

Admins who configure machines that have been purchased from vendors with Acrobat preinstalled may not be able to use a single image across multiple machines. This is true when vendors provide machines with unique retail activation serial numbers rather than a single volume licensing serial number

For example, in the past the Dell factory preinstalled Acrobat Standard with a volume licensing serial number. Dell is now providing Acrobat XI Standard via their cloud distribution method (Dell Digital Delivery) retail activation serial numbers. These machines cannot be used to create an image that can be used on other machines.

I'd recommend reading the above blog post by Brandon from 2007, with his partial serial numberverification system being written in Delphi. But if you're not into Delphi, we'll be portingthe partial key verification algorithm to Node.

The next generation of Windows might be announced at any time. I have a more detailed blog post in this Microsoft Almost Announced The Next Generation Of Windows Windows 10X Is Not The Next Generation Anymore. You can check Windows 11 build numbers are also documented.

The next option is to double-confirm the version number from the registry editor. You can launch the registry editor you using the following method. You can click on the Start button and start typing regedit to launch the Registry Editor utility.

You need to navigate it to the following path in the registry to get the details of the Windows 10 20H1 version number/build number. Check the CurrentBuildNumber string value to find out Windows version details.

The SAP Serial number functionality allows us to manage serialized stock keeping. Serial number is a numeric or alpha-numeric number given to an individual item of a material in addition to the material number and differentiates the item from all other items of the material.

Normally when we have a finished assembly alone which requires serialisation we do not need any equipment creation at all. Tracking is sufficient at this serial number of the assembly material itself.

ExistReq check box: If the business practice is to create serial numbers manually and then assign them during production order creation for instance, then this needs to be checked ON. Else if we create a serial number on the fly/automatically then this needs to be left blank.

Cat: Category of the equipment that is associated at the time of serial number generation. Has its Own number range and gets created in the background. If no value is specified here the same is picked from the Define Default Equipment Categories for Serial Numbers config and this also specifies whether the combination of material number and serial number should be unique or not.

When stock validation is set, the system checks for the Serial number status accordingly before any goods movement. If a component has been issued already against a production order and if thesame serial number is provided for a subsequent order the system does the validation. Serial number status should be EQ ESTO and NE (AVLB or INAC or DLFL).

Say if we have another profile Z007 maintained for other procured components, in the first step we can maintain the flow type group as the same SNRO but with SerUsage as 02. For these components during GR for Purchase order the serial numbers then become optional.

Common queries in forums relate to serial number range object and its assignment. As we have seen that serial numbers are not common to any single business stream we cannot assign the number range anywhere specifically. For instance we can maintain the number range with this object and use custom developments to use the number range during a production order creation.

When a serial number gets created an equipment generally can also be created in the background based on the OIS2 setting. This equipment for a higher assembly becomes the superior equipment and all other serialised components underneath this assembly then can have what can be called as inferior equipment/s.

Through out the cycle the serial number history gets updated for every movement and can be seen in the IQ03 transaction for the material in the SerData tab and then clicking on the History icon from there.

Up and until ERP 6.0 with EhP3: Only option provided was the split child order had to have the same material as in parent order.The serial number assignment procedure differs depending on whether the serial numbers were assigned before or after the order split.

If you specify a different material for the child order, you are requested to (manually) choose the serial numbers that are to be deleted in the parent order. The serial numbers are again not adopted in the child order.

As default, the system preselects a number of serial numbers corresponding to the split quantity for deletion. The serial numbers are sorted in descending order. You can either adopt this pre-selection or change it.

and almost all the post says the number range assigned is through the equipment category in the serial number profile , if so what if i don't what any equipment master to be created but what to create serial number with different number range ??


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