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Bios Diagnostics Bd 850 Manual [2021]

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Bios Diagnostics Bd 850 Manual

I am trying to solve a Q code problem with my new system. I keep getting the Q code "6d" or "bd" I can't tell exactly which one it is. However neither of those Q codes are on Q code table in my manual.

My Asus ROG Strix X99 Gaming motherboard was incredibly unstable even running stock, rarely giving "bd" Q-Code, I never found a solution. After approximately 6-7 weeks the system completely failed to boot giving a Q-Code 00, not even starting any of the POST tasks, then while going through the diagnostics suggested by Asus (which were not helpful), the VRM exploded giving an extremely large amount of smoke.

I see that there is a new 0903 beta bios available which some have claimed gives better stability, if you are willing to try beta BIOS you could download that, or wait a few days (or weeks) until it is finalised but there is no guarantee that it will fix your issue.

I have not updated my bios yet. Everything is at stock speed. I just finished the build a few days ago and haven't gotten to overclocking yet since I have been trying to troubleshoot these other issues first.

The ram slot B1 is not showing the ram stick which is placed inside of it and I have tried a few things to try and get the stick to show up in the bios. I loosed up the cpu cooler and I am going to try blowing compressed air into the ram slot to see if that will do anything. If not i'm going to return the thing.


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