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Your Neighbour's Daughter Vol.2

I stay in a small villa my own my mum dad put it in my name all documents are in my name. my aunt has taken 80cms of the property but yet fights and puts false allegation that i fight. last week i raised up the wall with 2 bricks as her workers come and peep so her daughter came and just damaged the wall i built it again they both abused me my mum my hubby and my kids calling us gattis , beggars and so on. she lives alone but when she has to fight 3rd daugher in law comes. I had filed a cmplaint in 2016 against her in the PS. because of that days fight she and her daughter in law says we shall file a senior citizen case against u you and your hubby. my hubby was quite didnt say a word. can she register a case. I have recorded that i am putting up the bricks which she damaged. can she file and will they accept false allegations.

Your Neighbour's daughter Vol.2

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29You shall not degrade your daughter by making a prostitute of her;u otherwise the land will prostitute itself and become full of lewdness.30Keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary.v I am the LORD. 041b061a72


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