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Think Like A Man 2012 Movie Download Extra Quality

But in a fun romantic kind of way. It's not only about suspending your disbelief, but just rolling with it. The movie does not serve anything else than what you should expect from a title like that. To be honest, I thought it'd be worse, but in this case you can feel how much fun the actors had on set. Everyone is clicking and even relationships that seem to have issues, have their strong moments.You can see why there are problems and obviously we do get clichés too. Even the voice over does work (most of the time). Of course you shouldn't have issues with Kevin Hart (I have friends who think he's annoying) or anyone else for that matter. If you can dig them and like seeing people going at it (not literally, no explicit love scenes to make that clear, and the movie is far too light and does not need them) - this movie can be a fun ride for you. Don't expect too much depth of course

Think Like A Man 2012 Movie Download


I've been to a bunch of 3D movies now. It seems to be all the rage in the movie theaters these days. I have to say that I am not a fan. I have yet to go to a 3D movie where I didn't want to take the glasses off and watch in 2D. That doesn't work, but I sure wish it did. And I've been to the films that people say are the best of the 3D medium (Avatar, Hugo). So it's not that I haven't been to the right films. I just don't think 3D improves the experience in any meaningful way.

We are likely still in the part of the cycle where execs fear getting fired for not having done enough 3D. Right now 3D just equals higher revenue so they all say lets do more. I think 3D movies have really just revealed theater movie demand may be more price elastic than thought. With a good excuse to break the $10 barrier nationwide (3D) they may have found a way to move the whole market up $3 a ticket. The end result may just be a return to normal movies at new higher prices after a couple non-3D blockbusters remind studio execs that content is still king.

I totally agree. Aside from getting a headache, I also feel like my eyes are going blind after watching a 3D movie. A technology that focuses on volumetric display would deliver a much better experience imo, but I imagine that would be in the very distant future.

Problem is that proper 3d needs headtracking too to look real, not just preprogrammed left-right eye parallax sequences (see Johnny Lee headtracking demos with wii on youtube). Our micro head movements that occur all the time change our visual scene. The static head orientation of all todays 3d movies is like seeing the world with your head taped to the back of your chair, it looks wrong. Solving this is only possible in one screen per user systems adjusting 3d scenes on the fly to micro head movements, which is why I think gaming systems will get it right first.

I think Hollywood really did not do what a good startups would have done! Ask the question is there a real problem we are solving with this 3D thingy? The answer is NO. But they are shoving it anyway because of the monopoly they have on the production business and the distribution business. Fred, you have already written about why scarcity is a shity business model, I think you need to write why dishing crapy upgrades like 3D is worse for the movie business. Hollywood needs to focus on making good movies and that is what interests me to go to the movies not gimmicks. I hope someone from the movie business is taking notice else they are going to loose this crowd. I really do not enjoy paying for the crappy glasses and not such a great experience. Thanks for nothing Hollywood.

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